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Salmonella in Hemp Oil Emerald Test Medallion
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Microbial Panel 1 in Hemp Emerald Test Medallion

Our Technology

OnPoint Laboratories is located in Snowflake, Arizona in an 8,000 square foot accredited High Throughput lab facility. Operating 7 days a week with three sets of redundant state-of-the-art equipment, our large scale lab is focused on providing top-tier service for our customers. OnPoint Laboratories focuses on our cutting-edge equipment, superior technology methods, and skilled technicians for accurate and timely results. 

Since inception, OnPoint Labs has invested in accelerated technology and new equipment to avoid inaccurate results and break down. This means less maintenance required and less downtime for your testing. 

On a regular basis, OnPoint dedicates a significant amount of time and resources to refining the current compliance and regulation needs for each of its tests. We know which tests are relevant to keep your business moving forward and compliant.

Our Mission

With a focus on cutting-edge equipment, comprehensive cannabis compliance packages, and a hand-picked professional team, OnPoint Laboratories mission is to provide distinguished service and proven testing results to push our customer’s products forward in the supply chain process. OnPoint’s dedication to its customers are the reason for its lasting partnership, continued growth, and customer’s success.

Our Team

A combination of distinguished customer satisfaction and advanced science has created one of the best cannabis testing facilities in Arizona. The OnPoint Laboratories team provides a wealth of knowledge to our customers, creating an extension of compliance needs within your business. Our team is dedicated to your success with operations 7 days a week.