OnPoint Laboratories invests in equipment redundancy, employees, and new technology.

New requirements for cannabis testing make OnPoint Laboratories the top choice in Arizona.

OnPoint Laboratories (“OnPoint Labs” or the “Company”), an Arizona accredited cannabis compliance testing laboratory, has announced a multimillion-dollar investment in new technology and equipment to meet the growing needs of a recreational cannabis market. The decision to expand has never been more relevant, with the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) issuing stiff penalties for cannabis testing labs that don’t complete results within 10 calendar days.

With the passing of Proposition 207 for legalized adult-use cannabis in Arizona, OnPoint Labs made a substantial investment in their testing capacity to accommodate the increasing number of samples received daily for the 100+ cannabis brands the company serves.

With the new 10-day regulation for Arizona cannabis labs, fines per day for each violation are $1,000 with a maximum fine of $5,000 per separate violation.  Fines will add up quickly for any cannabis lab not meeting the new AZDHS deadline.  OnPoint Labs’ early decision to invest in redundant equipment and extra capacity will help avoid any potential AZDHS fines. The Company has expanded its team to over 45 scientists and technicians and operates seven days a week in a new 8,000 sq. ft. cannabis testing facility, allowing OnPoint Labs to process over 4,000 samples per month.

With the recent completion of OnPoint Labs’ facility expansion, results are published within five to eight days after the samples are received. OnPoint Laboratories has invested in the equipment and personnel redundancy to withstand any unexpected event without impacting its turnaround time commitments.

“Having repetitive testing equipment is not common in the Arizona cannabis industry. From our experience, we have come to learn that it is an imperative investment,” said Jeff Cardot, CEO of OnPoint Labs. “Customers must have confidence in our turnaround times. Extra capacity and redundancy is the only way to ensure that our team meets the new AZDHS deadline.”

OnPoint Laboratories is one of the largest customers in the Southwest for Agilent equipment. With its state-of-the-art testing equipment, maintenance contracts, consulting and employee educational program, OnPoint is an Agilent technology laboratory showpiece.

“Most people don’t realize the investment and capital that goes into running a cannabis testing laboratory. With the new AZDHS deadline of testing turnaround in 10 business days or less, investing in capacity has never been more important. Aside from the operational costs of a laboratory with over 45 skilled employees, the necessary capital investment to get started is substantial, especially if you intend to avoid the new AZDHS fines,” said Cardot.

OnPoint Labs has stayed on pace with the rapid industry growth in Arizona.  According to Leafly, Arizona had more than $1 billion in medical-marijuana sales in 2020. With the legalization of adult use cannabis, the state market could become a multi-billion market in two years.

OnPoint Labs is ISO accredited and AZDHS certified.  OnPoint Labs streamlines testing for customers offering state compliant packages for flower, concentrates, extracts as well as other products such as edibles, and post-product compliance to meet requirements. The lab also offers a la carte compliance testing and  additional non-mandatory testing. Complementary product pick-up is available for compliance package customers. For more information visit onpointlaboratories.com.


About OnPoint Laboratories

OnPoint Laboratories is a distinguished and accredited High Throughput Screening facility for cannabis compliance testing located in Snowflake, Arizona. Operating seven days a week with three sets of redundant state-of-the-art equipment and over 40 skilled lab technicians and scientists, our large-scale lab provides top-tier service for our customers. OnPoint Laboratories focuses on cutting-edge equipment, superior technology methods, and skilled technicians for accurate, efficient, and timely results. To learn more, visit www.onpointlaboratories.com or call 928-457-0222.